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May9th 2017

Getting Back On Your Bike In Eden Prairie

Spring is in the air! What a refreshing time it is for Minnesotans to get some much needed fresh air and vitamin D. Spring is also a great season to resume outdoor physical activities that you may have missed over the winter months. I enjoy talking with my patients about what makes them excited this

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Apr18th 2017

Stress May Be Affecting Your Health In Eden Prairie

You have a deadline to meet by Thursday afternoon and you haven’t even started. As the time presses closer, your blood pressure rises and your heart beats faster, you lose sleep trying to get it together. Now throw in a pounding headache because you’re officially—STRESSED. OUT. You push through your stress; you make your deadline,

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Mar1st 2017

Lyme Disease Alert In Eden Prairie

Spring and Summer allow us to enjoy more time outdoors. The practitioners at Wellspring Health Center want you to be aware of the dangers of tick bites, which can result in a debilitating and mysterious illness known as Lyme disease. The incidence of Lyme Disease is increasing in the upper midwest. It is important to check for

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