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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Overall Fitness - Wellspring Health Center Jun12th 2021

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Overall Fitness

Lots of people believe that in order to stay in good shape, they have to spend 2 or more hours a day working out or going to the gym. This is the reason so many people claim they don’t hve time to exercise, as well! The thing is, staying active and physically fit doesn’t have

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Checking Your Children’s Posture In Eden Prairie

Sep5th 2017

It is common knowledge that good posture in Eden Prairie is one of the primary ways to prevent back and spinal problems later on in life. Children, however, are often hard to manage when it comes to adopting good posture and maintaining it, especially at school. The combination of heavy backpacks and non-ergonomic school furniture can pose

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Jul18th 2017

Benefits Of Yoga In Eden Prairie

It’s no wonder that yoga has increased in popularity over the last few years… check out what yoga can do for you! Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off at 6AM, you start the coffee, jump in the shower, get ready for work, sit in traffic, and barely make it to work before your first

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