3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help Concussions

Apr5th 2022

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries that affect around 2.87 million Americans each year. These injuries are typically caused by impact or jerking motions from car accidents and sports activities that cause the brain to rattle inside the skull. While most concussions are not life-threatening, immediate treatment is vital to prevent long-term damage. Physical therapy can be beneficial for relieving symptoms so you can get back to your normal activities. Here are the top three ways physical therapy can help concussions.

Increase Strength

After a concussion, rest can be helpful for the body to focus on healing damage in the brain but can lead to a reduction in endurance in a safe and monitored environment. Your physical therapist can recommend a nutrition plan and exercise program you can follow at home while you recover. Exercises can be increased gradually over time to help you achieve optimal results.

Improve Balance

Two common physical symptoms of concussions are balance issues and dizziness. These symptoms are typically caused by issues in the vestibular system. This system is responsible for connections between the inner ear and the brain. Physical therapy can help you improve your balance through a variety of techniques.

Minimize Pain

Concussions can lead to neck pain and headaches. Injuries such as whiplash can cause muscles to tighten and restrict nerves. A physical therapist can assess the specific cause of your pain and recommend exercises and other treatments. Through strength training, massage, and other techniques, physical therapy can help alleviate these symptoms.

Minnesota Physical Therapy Treatment for Concussions

Untreated concussion symptoms can lead to long-term health complications. Concussion symptoms typically last for two weeks after a traumatic incident or injury but can last longer, depending on the severity. If you have recently suffered a concussion in Eden Prairie, MN or surrounding areas and your symptoms persist, an experienced physical therapist may be able to help. Wellspring Health Center can assess symptoms of concussions and recommend a personalized treatment plan to help you get back on track.

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