Shoulder Pain Relief

Nick E.

I came back to Wellspring 10 years after a prior successful rehabilitation.

I have had shoulder pain since an injury that occurred about five years ago. As an active watersports enthusiast, shoulder pain limited my ability to waterski and wakeboard in prior years. Before coming to Wellspring, I had numerous scans (x-rays, MRI) and reviewed with an orthopedic specialist. I was offered no resolution apart from surgery. Since working with the providers at Wellspring, I no longer have any activity limitations. The treatment at Wellspring is different than any other PT I have experienced. I feel like even though there is a standardized process, I get personalized care from every Wellspring team member. Wellspring is a perfect blend of spa, PT, and personal training.

Brian P.

I had a pinched nerve and possible herniated discs in my neck, causing neck, shoulder, and arm pain. I had difficulty sitting in front of my computer for more than five minutes a a time. I had difficulty focusing on my job and work because of the pain and discomfort. I was unable to exercise and certainly couldn’t play tennis or disc golf. Since starting care at Wellspring, I am able to work at my desk without pain, and I’m back doing my normal physical exercise and recreation. From Diane, Hannah, Lisa, Zoe, Haley, Rachel, Suzanne, Caitlyn, Ellie, and Grace, I was treated with compassion and kindness. The assessment, plan, and treatment were all done with expertise and with great communication. Each time I arrived, the stretching and exercise plan was ready to go, and each PT was great to work with. I would describe Wellspring as a well-oiled machine with a personal touch, tailored to the individual.


I've suffered multiple shoulder dislocations since childhood, resulting in my right shoulder feeling unstable, weak, and vulnerable to a new injury. In addition, my posture became tense and “locked up,” from trying to protect my shoulder. Sleep was the biggest thing. I was uncomfortable because I had to immobilize my arm to protect my shoulder at night. I was so scared to try something new to support my arm, but the physical therapists at Wellspring found something that worked a lot better! Getting better rest has helped me tremendously. My progress has been slow and steady, not scary or overwhelming like I expected. My perception was that physical therapy would be excruciating, and you’ll have to go through a rigorous process. But that has not been the case at Wellspring. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I was in the right place; everything felt so relaxing and holistic. You remove your shoes, and the aromatherapy smells so good—it lowers my stress level. Because the program is so comprehensive, you're not just treating the shoulder; it feels like I am getting stronger overall, and my posture has improved (I am a half-inch taller now!) I really love the stations and the team approach. There’s good communication, variety, and consistency. You feel very well taken care of.


"My left shoulder was very painful and I had tendonitis in my right elbow for a year. Now I can go skiing in the mountains, and I can hold my 10 month old grandson without any pain! All of the staff, including my Nurse Practitioner Lisa, and my PT Kelsey, were so encouraging and supportive! The different therapies were extremely helpful. If you've never been to Wellspring, go! It will change your life and outlook!"


"My lower back and shoulder pain prevented me from sleeping well. As a result, I was constantly tired and crabby. I stopped doing 90% of my activities. I became sedentary and weak. I tried many different avenues before coming here. Wellspring Health Center took the most comprehensive look at what was going on as compared to anyone else I saw. The integrative approach is wonderful-like jigsaw pieces being put together and then the puzzle is done and you are so much better."

Abby E.

"I was in a car accident. My left side was affected, neck, shoulder, and lower back. I constantly felt that I had limited movement throughout my neck and back. I felt very comfortable receiving treatment and knew that they (Wellspring) provided outstanding care!! Thank you for my treatment, being educational, comforting and energizing!"

Mary E.

"I had a shoulder injury from swimming - over-usage maybe. I called my insurance's member services. They listed PT places in my area and Wellspring Health Center sounded the most interesting. The last two months have been rewarding to come to Wellspring. The staff is very considerate and courteous. I am now back to almost everything. I like the added value of learning how to improve my posture and strengthen my core."

Kelly C.

"I started physical therapy because of lower back, neck and shoulder pain. I sit at a desk all day for work and by the afternoon, it was very uncomfortable to stay seated. By the time I got home from work I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Since working with the staff at Wellspring Health Center, I can now sit through an entire day of work, make dinner at home and still have enough energy to play with my six year old and the rest of my family. I can sit at my scrapbook table and craft as long as I want to. I can take the puppy for a walk and come home and still do housework."

Jennifer J.

"Any sort of reaching would send pain and tingling shooting down my arm. I always had to stop, pause and resume what I was doing. After treatment at Wellspring Health Center, my symptoms have been virtually eliminated. I have greatly improved my overall posture, which improves any activity that affects reaching."

Cheri P.

"My neck, shoulders and elbows hurt every day, which made me just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. It was such a joy to work with everyone at Wellspring Health Center. I was always happy to come to my appointments knowing that everyone worked so hard with me and truly cared about my progress. I would absolutely recommend anyone with pain to come here."

Jason P.

"I came to Wellspring Health Center because certain movements were causing shooting pain in my right back, knee, hip, shoulder, neck and causing headaches. In an attempt to avoid the pains, I stopped exercising and spent a lot of time laying on the couch. After treatment at Wellspring, I feel more ready to pursue hobbies I was forgetting about like my favorite, mountain biking, and playing with my daughter is so much easier. My appointments at Wellspring were often the high point of my day. Everyone was very friendly and I left feeling both invigorated and relaxed."

Christina A.

"I had tight and sore shoulders for years. I had sprained or pulled something in my neck and it destroyed my posture and was uncomfortable. Since my care at Wellspring, I can sit longer, my posture has improved and I stand taller. Overall, I feel much better. The staff at Wellspring rock!! I am so glad I was able to get my treatment done here. I would highly recommend coming here even if it is just to find out what your options are. Great, friendly, flexible and caring staff."

Miriam M.

"Before coming to Wellspring Health Center, I assumed I would have to live with the pain in my body (neck, shoulders and severe headaches and migraines). However, the first thing I was told when I came here was that I don't have to live with pain. Wellspring gave me hope and I can now say that I feel amazing! The staff is amazing, you make everyone feel special!"

You Don’t Have to Live with Shoulder Pain Any Longer

Shoulder Pain Can Limit Daily Activities – Physical Therapy Can Help

Pain in the shoulder and neck may be caused by a variety of things, including lifting heavy items, sleeping in an awkward posture, and reaching for something at the top of a shelf. It may also be caused by an injury that makes you feel like your shoulder is immobilized.

There are many possible causes of shoulder pain. The level of pain may vary from the mild discomfort associated with a strained muscle to the severe bone-on-bone friction seen with arthritis.

Whatever the source of your shoulder discomfort, Wellspring Health Center is committed to providing you with natural options to relieve pain. For additional information, contact us today.

What will a treatment plan for shoulder pain look like?

With physical therapy treatments, it is possible to achieve relief from shoulder pain without the need for dangerous medications or invasive surgery.

Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapists have treated a wide range of shoulder pain conditions, with patients noticing relief and healing after just a few brief sessions – and sometimes fewer!

Our physical therapists are movement specialists who utilize a number of diagnostic methods to determine the source of your pain. During your examination, we will assess your range of motion, strength, coordination, medical history, joint mobility, and joint mechanics.

After determining the source of your shoulder pain, we will develop a customized combination of physical therapy techniques to control and alleviate your pain. A combination of gentle manual treatment and specialized therapeutic exercises may help restore healthy joint mobility, alleviate soft tissue restrictions, and improve circulation.

Finally, we provide you with exercises that can help you build strength and avoid future shoulder issues.

Why am I experiencing shoulder pain?

Your shoulder has the most range of motion of any joint in your body, allowing you to perform a wide array of functions.

However, with its intricacies comes the potential for pain and discomfort. It is a “ball-and-socket” joint, which means that the head of the upper arm bone, or “humerus,” fits precisely in the corresponding area inside the shoulder blade, or “scapula.” A thick layer of cartilage protects the ends of the bones, preventing them from rubbing together.

Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that prevent the tendons from rubbing against the bones. Tendons connect the bones of the shoulder to the rotator cuff. Pain may occur if anything goes wrong with the complexities that comprise the mechanical interplay of the shoulder.

The sort of pain you experience in your shoulder depends on what is causing it. Impingement pain, for example, often occurs when you lift your arm and starts at a specific position in the range of motion.

When you move your arm in certain ways, the pain caused by a deteriorated shoulder may cause recurrent discomfort. Acute injuries may result in severe and abrupt pain that renders your shoulder completely immobile.

Are you experiencing any of these shoulder pain conditions?

The intricacies of the shoulder joint provide several possible causes of pain.

The following are some of the most prevalent reasons for shoulder pain:

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder, sometimes called “adhesive capsulitis,” may develop if your arm has been in a cast or sling for a lengthy period of time or if you have been bedridden for an extended time. Additionally, some ethnic groups are predisposed, and women experience more occurrences than men. It is more prevalent in women between the ages of 40 and 60. Frozen shoulder is characterized by a painful loss of shoulder mobility and tightness of the shoulder joint, significantly limiting movement.


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most common types of arthritis that affect the shoulder. Osteoarthritis develops when the cartilage in the shoulder joint deteriorates significantly, generally as a result of aging or prolonged overuse. Rheumatoid arthritis develops when the immune system targets the membranes surrounding the shoulder joint, causing discomfort and inflammation. Both conditions result in a painful loss of range of motion, weakening shoulder muscles, and trouble completing everyday activities.


Impingement often happens because the humeral head moves and tracks abnormally when you extend your arm upward. Typically, pain develops when your arm is raised to or above 90 degrees.


Tendinitis develops when the shoulder joint is overworked, generally due to the rigors of a physically demanding job, overhead activity, or sport. Additionally, bad posture is a factor since it affects the usual forces on the tendons and might predispose you to tendon damage. This leads to persistent inflammation of the tendons, resulting in swelling and painful impingement while lifting your arm.

Rotator cuff tear

The rotator cuff comprises four muscles, tendons, and soft tissues that surround the shoulder joint. The rotator cuff’s function is to properly guide the shoulder joint’s movement. The rotator cuff may be partly or entirely torn by accident, misuse, bad posture, or even aging. Depending on the severity and circumstances, surgery may be required. Nonetheless, the right physical therapy treatments will often help alleviate discomfort and restore rotator cuff strength to compensate for a partial tear. If surgery is needed, physical therapy is an essential component of the rehabilitation process to ensure a successful recovery.

Could it be a rotator cuff tear? – a very common shoulder pain condition

While severe rotator cuff problems may necessitate surgery, there are instances in which physical therapy treatments may be just as effective (if not more effective) than surgery.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, “A recent study from Finland asserts that when it comes to the treatment of nontraumatic rotator cuff tears, physical therapy alone produces results equal to those produced by arthroscopic surgery and open surgical repair.”

In the same research, a follow-up on 167 patients who received physical therapy alone for rotator cuff injuries revealed that conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, should be regarded as the primary treatment for this condition.

The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. Occasionally, the rotator cuff becomes torn or damaged due to repeated overhead movements in sports (like tennis) or employment (such as carpentry.)

Those who suffer from an injured rotator cuff or “torn shoulders” often describe a dull discomfort in their shoulder, arm weakness, difficulties reaching behind their backs, and sleep disturbances resulting from pain. Your rotator cuff injury may be alleviated and healed naturally with non-invasive physical therapy at Wellspring Health Center.

An assessment and diagnostic testing are performed at Wellspring Health Center to assess whether or not you have rotator cuff tears. An individualized treatment plan is developed for you per the needs of your diagnosis.

Ready to get started?

Stop letting shoulder pain restrict your physical potential! Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapy, sports medicine, and wellness office can provide you with the treatment you need to get back to an active pain-free lifestyle. Call Wellspring Health Center today in Eden Prairie, MN to schedule your complimentary consultation and get started on your path toward recovery..