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Hip and Knee Pain Relief


Recovering from hip replacement surgery ✨ Hello, my name is Tom, and I’ve been coming to Wellspring for the past four winters. I’m a construction worker and get very sore and stiff during the summer months. I recently had double hip replacement surgery and my doctor prescribed physical therapy to recover. I am very glad I returned to Wellspring. The ladies here are very good at what they do. They helped me regain my balance and flexibility. They help get rid of the aches and pains I’ve had over the years, especially now with the healing from a double hip replacement. I wouldn’t be able to function during the construction season if it wasn’t for Wellspring! Construction involves constantly getting up and down on the concrete deck and doing physical work. So, coming to Wellspring is my opportunity to recuperate, get back out there, and make a living for my family.

Dave C.

"I was frustrated with my left knee and right hamstring pain. With any activity, these spots would give me pain such that I had to stop almost immediately and the after-effects would continue for days. After treatment at Wellspring Health Center, I can workout, walk, and run with much less pain. Everyone at Wellspring is exceptionally warm, friendly, and caring. I received relief that I didn't expect could happen."

Renae L.

"I was more irritable with the limitations I had with my hip in doing formerly enjoyed activities and I was having difficulties sleeping. With the care from the staff at Wellspring Health Center, I can walk more comfortably and can continue to bike, swim, and lift weights. Everyone here is very helpful and sincerely cares. Wellspring is an excellent place with professional and highly skilled staff. Wellspring gives a person hope! Thank you!"

Phil F.

"I limped noticeably, with pain in my left knee and lower leg. I went about my teaching/coaching duties with pain. I had terrible range of motion in my left leg. Now, I walk, ride an exercise bike and bicycle, even jog with significantly less pain. From the second I walk into Wellspring Health Center, I am treated like family! Everyone is very professional, answering questions and informing me of the "why" of each treatment. I love the variety that your clinic offers for recovery."

April F.

"I had acute right hip pain that made it difficult to walk. I also had chronic neck pain from an old whiplash injury. I relied on drugs to be comfortable. I was very miserable and hopeless. With the help from the professional and skilled staff at Wellspring, I was able to get my strength back! I'm so grateful! Sticking with the plan proved worthy when I saw my before and after posture photos. I would recommend Wellspring to anyone!"

Jason P.

"I came to Wellspring Health Center because certain movements were causing shooting pain in my right back, knee, hip, shoulder, neck and causing headaches. In an attempt to avoid the pains, I stopped exercising and spent a lot of time laying on the couch. After treatment at Wellspring, I feel more ready to pursue hobbies I was forgetting about like my favorite, mountain biking, and playing with my daughter is so much easier. My appointments at Wellspring were often the high point of my day. Everyone was very friendly and I left feeling both invigorated and relaxed."

Bobbi P.

"I had extreme pain in my low back and legs. It limited my ability to bend, drive and take care of my kids and home. This made me feel hopeless and depressed and I wondered if or how I'd get the help I needed. Wellspring has been the only treatment I've had that is so thorough and allows treating more than one area. It's also the only place that made me feel there was hope for getting better and stronger. Thank you to each and every staff person here - I couldn't have come this far without you all."

Don’t Let Your Hip and Knee Pain Slow You Down!

Hip and knee pain can seriously interfere with your life, especially if you are dealing with both.

Does severe hip pain make it difficult to get up in the mornings, move around throughout the day, and fall asleep at night? Do your knees ache or even feel as though they could collapse under you suddenly and without warning?

Whether you’re suffering from hip pain, knee pain, or both, integrative physical therapy may help you address the source of your pain comfortably and effectively, without the need for harmful medicines or surgical intervention. Reclaim your mobility and schedule a free appointment at Wellspring Health Center today!

How can integrative physical therapy help my hip/knee pain?

Our physical therapists in Eden Prairie, MN work together with our medical provider to evaluate and analyze your hip and/or knee for evidence of misalignment or structural damage, as well as your stance, posture, gait, and range of motion.

Following your physical examination and appropriate diagnostic testing, our medical provider and physical therapist will design a treatment plan to alleviate discomfort and restore proper mobility, helping you to return to your everyday activities.

You will get focused treatments that may include trigger point injections, manual therapy, and Pilates Matwork exercises, all of which aim to alleviate joint pain and stabilize weak hip and/or knee tissues. Treatments may differ according to your condition; for example, research has shown that persons suffering from patellar tendonitis (kneecap pain) respond better to exercises that strengthen both the hips and knees than exercises that concentrate only on the knees.

Additionally, you may be given exercise routines to strengthen your core, including your lower back muscles, lower abdominal muscles, and pelvic muscles. Core exercises are designed to correct your posture and balance the weight distribution on both sides of your body.

As our physical therapists see fit, further specialized treatments may be given, such as mobilizations to increase range of motion or other soft tissue therapies that reduce pain and support the healing of affected hip and knee tissues.

Wellspring Health Center’s medical and physical therapy services can considerably improve your hip and knee pain without the need for harmful medications or invasive surgical procedures.

How did my hip or knee pain develop?

Pain in the hips and knees may be caused by an underlying problem in another region of the body, or it may be caused by the joints themselves.

Hip and knee joints are part of the same kinetic chain, which means that they are all weight-bearing joints that need to work together for your body and posture to function efficiently.

Consequently, an issue with your knee joint might result in abnormal forces being sent to your hips, and the reverse is also true. One segment of the kinetic chain might put stress on another if it is out of balance.

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint that supports the weight of your upper body, depending on multiple muscles and tissues to maintain mobility and stability.

Your knee is a hinge joint that can only move forward and backward. Individually, your knees bear a greater load than your hips, six times your body weight when squatting. Proper hip and knee mobility enables you to do complex movements such as standing, walking, running, and dancing without falling over.

Hip and knee pain may occur concurrently or independently, but it is important to remember that, as the old proverb goes, your knee bone is connected to your hip bone; hence, whatever happens to one affects the other.

What might be causing my hip/knee pain?

Hips and knees are often afflicted with the same disorders, injuries, and conditions. For example, due to the continual usage of both the hips and knees, overuse problems such as tendinitis and chronic muscular strain are widespread. Additionally, they both are susceptible to acute injuries such as sprains, strains, and dislocations.

Referred pain from a pinched sciatic nerve may also impact hip and knee pain, because the sciatic nerve runs through both areas. Imbalances in your posture or gait may result in irregular strains and early wear and tear on your hips and knees, resulting in painful arthritic symptoms.

Certain types of pain may be joint-specific. Labral tears are a kind of cartilage injury that occurs specifically in the hip, while bursitis is a type of bursa sac inflammation that develops specifically in the knee joint.

However, painful hip problems may also impact the knees. Hip flexor muscles that are too tight and gluteus medius muscles that are too weak might cause the hip to twist inward without you noticing it. As a result of the tension placed on the knee or kneecap, this might result in painful issues such as iliotibial band friction syndrome or patellofemoral stress syndrome.

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