Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Eden Prairie, MN

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a very common condition and is becoming more frequent. The carpal tunnel is a narrow tunnel in the wrist where major arteries and nerves pass from the forearm to the hand. One of the primary nerves that pass through this area is called the median nerve. When the pressure is applied to the median nerve, typically due to inflammation at the carpal tunnel, tingling, pain and even loss of sensation to the thumb and first two fingers of the hand can occur.

One of the primary causes of carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive activities such as typing at a computer. The direct pressure on the wrist from the desk along with the repetitive movement of the fingers can lead to inflammation at the carpal tunnel causing pressure on the median nerve.

How physical therapy helps carpal tunnel syndrome

Physical therapy is one of the first lines of defense in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. It is non-invasive and effective in eliminating symptoms and stopping them from returning.

Our physical therapy treatments focus on improving the mobility of the wrist joints and spacing of the carpal tunnel so the pressure is relieved on the median nerve. Hands-on treatment mobilizes tight joints and stretches soft tissues. Ultrasound and other modalities can reduce deep swelling relieving pressure on the nerve. Finally, strengthening and range of motion exercises can support the wrist helping to restore the normal function of the median nerve.

We also focus on long-term results by providing you with specific exercises to perform at home. Additionally, we provide education about proper postural alignment and environment modifications to prevent re-injury. Contact Wellspring Health Center today to discover how we can effectively treat your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome can benefit from myofascial release by having the muscles in their hands, wrists, and/or arms treated with the myofascial release therapy using a gentle myofascial percussion device, in order to improve function and mobility.

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