Myofascial Release

Norma W.

"The Physical Therapists have moved me through exercises I'd never thought I could do - building strength layer by layer. The most extraordinary change though has been through (myofascial release) and the release of VERY tight pressure points. Now I have less pain and discomfort and can move so much better."

Relieve Your Muscle Tension with Myofascial Release

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Painful Muscles?

Our physical therapists in Eden Prairie, MN, have extensive training in high-tech myofascial release procedures that use percussion technology. Soft tissue conditions may be effectively treated using Percussor-assisted myofascial release.

Do you have stiff or tight muscles? If this is the case, you have myofascial pain caused by constricted fascia around the muscles. Tight fascia is the thick connective tissue covering all of our muscles from head to toe.

The fascia may become tense due to physical and mental stress, repeated usage, overuse, underuse, or poor posture. Muscle fascial restrictions impair the flow of blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid, resulting in a range of pain conditions.

The Myofascial Percussor is a mechanical device that sends percussive impulses deep into the body’s myofascial tissues, increasing blood and lymphatic flow while decreasing muscle spasms and discomfort. It is more successful in addressing the source of pain than more conventional myofascial release techniques.

If your stiff or tight muscles interfere with your everyday life, please contact us for a free consultation. You may benefit from Myofascial Percussion Therapy treatments at Wellspring Health Center. One of our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapists would be happy to welcome you and discuss the benefits of myofascial release!

Does myofascial release treat my condition?

Mobility is substantially impacted when the fascia around muscles becomes restricted or tight. This can cause discomfort and mobility limitations. However, this may be reversed with the help of myofascial release, which helps to relax tight muscles’ fascia and promotes more natural pain-free movement.

Myofascial release is beneficial for a variety of conditions. A few of the most common include: 

Low Back Pain and Neck Pain

Tight muscles and fascia restrict mobility in the low back and neck, causing discomfort and, if left untreated, degenerative changes. Myofascial release treatments relax the tight areas, allowing for improved function and pain-free movement.


Multiple muscles may become stiff and sore as a result of this condition. After locating the trouble spots, a myofascial release will be performed to alleviate discomfort.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Myofascial release treatment may aid patients with carpal tunnel syndrome by treating the muscles in their hands, wrists, and arms using a gentle myofascial percussion device to restore function and movement.

Chronic headaches & migraines

By gradually relaxing the constricted muscles around the head and neck, myofascial release has been shown to alleviate the discomfort associated with persistent headaches and migraines.


Injury may result in muscular stiffness and fascia restriction, which delays the healing process and may result in increased scar tissue. Myofascial release applied to the afflicted areas will relax the muscles and tight fascia, allowing for a faster, more complete healing process.

Myofascial pain syndrome

Those with myofascial pain syndrome are good candidates for myofascial release treatment since the underlying cause of pain is multiple trigger points and constricted fascia around the muscles and nerves. Through palpation or muscle testing, the trigger points causing myofascial pain syndrome are located through palpation or muscle testing and then gently released using the myofascial percussor.

Temporomandibular joint disorder

In many people with temporomandibular joint disorder, the muscles around the jaw are massaged using myofascial release. This alleviates discomfort and inflammation while increasing the jaw’s mobility.

If you have been diagnosed with one of the ailments mentioned above or another condition that you believe might benefit from myofascial release, please call our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapy clinic today.

How can I benefit from myofascial release?

Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapists are well educated in myofascial release and have a strong understanding of which pressure spots to target to restore your fascia to its elastic state. Wellspring therapists have received specific training in myofascial release, which involves the use of a percussion instrument to break up adhesions and restore correct function.

Myofascial release is a physical therapy technique that assists in pain relief by releasing tension in the afflicted muscles. It is often covered as part of your physical therapy benefits under most insurance policies.

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