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Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

Greg H.

"I had spent 62 days in the hospital with physical therapy, a wheelchair, several medications, MRI's, CT Scans and talk of back surgery. Everything was pretty much rock bottom for me. I was referred by a woman who was a patient at (Wellspring). I placed my faith in the team (at Wellspring) and they continue to work their magic. I have less pain, am able to sit, stand and walk better, sleep better at night and have more energy and flexibility. Everyone has done a fantastic job. Thank you -- you are my heroes!!"

Ready to Recover Faster? Try Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

Did You Know Physical Therapy Could Benefit You Even Before Your Surgery?

Physical therapy treatments play an essential role in the recovery process after surgery. However, there are many benefits to pre-surgical rehabilitation that should not be overlooked.

Are you anticipating a surgical procedure in the near future? It is natural to worry about whether the surgical procedure will go well or how long your recovery will take.

Fortunately, at Wellspring Health Center, we’re here to put your mind at ease a bit. Give us a call today to learn more about our pre-surgical physical therapy and how it can help you!

How can I get started with pre-surgical physical therapy treatments?

Pre-surgical rehabilitation has been known to offer many benefits for surgical patients. By consulting with one of our physical therapists at our Eden Prairie, MN practice, you can determine what treatment plan will be best for you to maximize your results.

Starting a pre-hab program allows you to set a healthy training routine before you undergo surgery, and one you will be familiar with that you can follow into your recovery. It’s much quicker and easier to return to a pre-injury state after surgery when you are as healthy, strong, and flexible as possible.

What should I know about pre-surgical physical therapy?

You may feel anxious anticipating the procedure, but a pre-hab program can help ease your worries.

Pre-surgical rehabilitation, or pre-hab, is increasingly recommended by surgeons as a beneficial procedure, as it can significantly improve patient outcomes. Studies show that rehabilitative training done at least a month or two before a surgical procedure greatly accelerates recovery time.

A pre-hab action plan will help you get physically and psychologically ready for your upcoming procedure.

How can I benefit from a pre-surgical physical therapy treatment plan?

Research by the National Institute of Health emphasizes that participation in exercise therapy before surgery can significantly improve postsurgical outcomes and substantially lessen recovery time.

Surgery can have drastic repercussions on your body; for this reason, it is usually only performed when the alternatives are no longer viable.

Pre-hab helps you improve your range of motion and movement patterns with exercises you can perform before and after your procedure to quicken your recovery time. Also, pre-hab improves strength, promotes comfort, and helps you prepare for the procedure. In addition to physical benefits, it may also improve your mental wellbeing.

Before undergoing any surgical procedures, pre-surgical physical therapy can help you build your mental and physical health overall.

Six reasons why you should give pre-surgical physical therapy a try

There are six key aspects to pre-surgical rehabilitation and how it can help you be successful:

1. Increases stamina

Regardless of the type of surgery you may need, you’ll usually lose strength after the procedure. However, pre-hab exercises can improve stamina before surgery, thereby reducing strength loss. Before surgery, a physical routine can help you increase strength and reduce postoperative difficulties.

2. Improves outcomes

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recognizes pre-hab as having the potential to positively affect the outcome of surgical procedures and even aid in cost-effectiveness if everything goes as planned. The better your physical fitness before surgery, the more likely the operation is successful.

3. Shortens recovery

A pre-hab program completed before surgery will help your recovery go much more quickly than without such practices. Strong and physically fit muscles before your procedure enables you to return to your pre-surgery routine more quickly.

4. Reduces complications

Physical therapy treatments, particularly those that include an exercise program, can help you become stronger and more resilient. This, in turn, strengthens your immunity, reducing the risk of infection after the procedure.

5. Reduces pain

No matter what type of procedure you have to undergo, our physical therapist can reduce your discomfort before surgery through pre-hab. This can be accomplished through many different methods, including exercise, massage, or ice and heat therapies.

6. Gives the possibility of avoiding surgery

If your pre-surgical therapies reduce your pain and improve your condition, you might be able to avoid surgery entirely. Some patients recognized that their pre-hab treatments helped improve their quality of life and were sufficient to diminish their pain, that they opted against having surgery. If physical therapy has a significant positive impact on the severity of your condition, you should speak with your doctor about whether you might avoid surgical intervention.

Get started on the path toward relief

For the best results, it’s essential to get started as soon as possible. If you plan on having surgery, contact Wellspring Health Center today at Eden Prairie, MN to speak with one of our qualified team members.

Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapy practice is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment options available. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to prepare for an easier procedure and recovery period.