Soft-Tissue Manipulation Eden Prairie, MN

Soft-Tissue Manipulation

What is Soft Tissue Mobilization?

Our physical therapists in Eden Prairie, MN utilize soft tissue mobilization to loosen tight muscles that are contributing to pain due over-use or injury. It assists in loosening up any constricted regions, redeuces pain and enhances healing, allowing you to get back on track to achieving your ultimate goals. Book a Complimentary Consultation with Wellspring Health Center to learn how soft tissue mobilization might benefit you!

What are soft tissues?

Your muscles are composed of several tiny, thin fibers that contract in response to commands, contributing to the movement of your muscle groups. These muscles are connected to your bones by connective fibers known as tendons, which allow them to move your body parts. For further stability, your bones are joined by tight bands of connective tissue called ligaments. Your ligaments are encased in another kind of connective tissue known as fascia. The term “soft tissues” refers to all of these connective structures.

Soft tissues support your joints and muscles while you move and perform tasks. Many things are possible with your soft tissues, but they also prevent you from exerting yourself too hard, even if that’s your goal. Repetitive movements in your activities might cause injury to them. Damage to the tendons may cause severe pain and edema. When a ligament is stretched beyond its intended length, sprains can occur.

The intensity of your workouts or lifestyle activities may cause these injuries, but they may also be caused by muscles that are too stiff before you begin an exercise. A physical therapy technique known as soft tissue mobilization, which works by loosening the muscles, could be effective in these instances.

What are the benefits of soft tissue mobilization?

Soft tissue mobilization speeds up the healing process so you can return to your favorite activity as soon as possible. Using physical therapy before beginning a strenuous training routine might help you avoid injury and maximize your performance in your chosen activity. Preparing these muscles for training by loosening and relaxing them can help you avoid strains, sprains and ruptures, which may occur during exercise.

It is critical to maintain the health and function of your soft tissues to ensure that your body functions properly. To learn more about the soft tissue mobilization treatments that Wellspring Health Center offers in Eden Prairie, MN, please contact us for a free consultation. Our physical therapists in Eden Prairie, MN, are delighted to talk to you about our services and how they might improve your physical performance. It’s important that you get back into the sport you love — we want to assist!