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Ergonomic Training

Fix Your Posture with Ergonomic Training

Do You Have Pesky Aches and Pains? Ergonomic Training Can Help

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, ergonomic training can help!

You probably spend a lot of your day at work or home without even thinking about physical modifications you could make to increase your comfort. The term for these modifications is known as ergonomics, and it refers to the way you improve movement and function in day-to-day life.

Ergonomics tends to include tools and body mechanics related to efficiency and safety, along with analyzing and correcting factors that may heighten the risk of personal injuries.

At Wellspring Health Center, our physical therapists can use ergonomics to address a range of issues you might face in your daily life that may result in pain and help you avoid future injuries.

To learn more about ergonomics and how it can benefit you, contact our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapy office today!

What does ergonomic training look like?

Symptomatic therapies don’t guarantee that you’ll be injury-free forever. That’s why it’s essential to target the cause of the injury and tackle the root cause.

When you arrive for your initial appointment with one of our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapists, you’ll undergo a physical assessment and discuss your medical history and your home and work environments.

Our physical therapist may ask questions about your work environment, the tools and devices you use, the requirements of your work, and the number of hours you spend in a typical workday. These inquiries help identify how the items you use in the workplace can be modified to best support you.

Ergonomics aims to improve posture, energy efficiency, and body mechanics. To accomplish this, the specialists make modifications, adjustments, or changes to eliminate pain and injury.

For example, we may suggest adjusting the position of your computer monitor or creating a program to remind you to get up more often and move around. In some situations, we may recommend special medical equipment (such as splints or wrist braces) to help relieve discomfort when carrying out typical tasks.

How can I benefit from ergonomics training?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) indicates that approximately $170 billion is spent annually on workplace injuries in the United States. By simply investing in health and safety systems, including ergonomics training, companies can save 40% on their insurance and healthcare expenditures.

Most commonly seen work-related injuries are typically a result of poor posture, too much sedentary behavior, and improper workstation setup. These include:

  • Tendonitis (inflammation in tendons)
  • Rotator cuff strains and tears
  • Trigger finger
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve entrapment at the wrist)
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Medial or lateral epicondylitis (golfer’s or tennis elbow, respectively)
  • Cervical strain and pain (including a new phenomenon called “text neck”)
  • Tension headaches
  • Back pain caused by injuries to the muscles, joints, or discs

By paying close attention to the ergonomics of your office, you can proactively avoid a variety of health problems, saving you time, money, and work productivity. In addition, you can modify your daily routine to maximize ergonomics – anything from driving to playing sports to using your phone.

Ready to get started and relieve your pain?

If your work or personal life is causing you pain, it could be fixed with some simple ergonomics!

Alongside your ergonomic training, you might also be prescribed additional physical therapy services as determined by your specific needs, including targeted exercises, manual therapy, joint mobilizations, ice and heat therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and more.

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