Integrated Medical Care

Our integrative holistic approach to evaluating and treating chronic pain and sports injuries at Wellspring Health Center in Eden Prairie incorporates several pain management strategies into a single integrated treatment.

Did you know that surgery is not required in more than 85 percent of cases involving back, muscle, joint injuries, and chronic pain issues? However, regular exercise and other treatments may help them recover more quickly if they do occur. Chronic pain and sports injuries benefit from our integrative approach, as it has a high success rate.

Our integrative holistic approach to chronic pain and injuries includes:

  • Medical Evaluations & Diagnostic Testing: A detailed history is taken, range of motion is evaluated, reflexes are tested, orthopedic and neurologic examinations are performed, and, when required, digital x-rays and/or referral for further testing or evaluations are implemented.
  • Pain Injections: trigger points injections, prolozone injections
  • Holistic Physical Therapy: manual therapy, joint mobilization, myofascial release, spinal manipulation, cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, Pilates Matwork Therapy, and other natural treatments.
  • Sports Physicals, Concussion Evaluation, Management and Return to Play

Contact us for a Complimentary Consultation at our Eden Prairie, MN clinic for more information. We accept most insurance plans. No doctor referral is needed in most cases.