Neck Pain Relief Eden Prairie, MN

Neck Pain Relief

Brian P.

I had a pinched nerve and possible herniated discs in my neck, causing neck, shoulder, and arm pain. I had difficulty sitting in front of my computer for more than five minutes a a time. I had difficulty focusing on my job and work because of the pain and discomfort. I was unable to exercise and certainly couldn’t play tennis or disc golf. Since starting care at Wellspring, I am able to work at my desk without pain, and I’m back doing my normal physical exercise and recreation. From Diane, Hannah, Lisa, Zoe, Haley, Rachel, Suzanne, Caitlyn, Ellie, and Grace, I was treated with compassion and kindness. The assessment, plan, and treatment were all done with expertise and with great communication. Each time I arrived, the stretching and exercise plan was ready to go, and each PT was great to work with. I would describe Wellspring as a well-oiled machine with a personal touch, tailored to the individual.

Sharon H.

"I was experiencing back and neck pain after painting a ceiling. When it didn't go away after 3 weeks I decided I needed some help. Everything requiring physical movement is better now. I also sleep better. I love coming to Wellspring Health Center... the atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is very caring and capable. I always feel better when I leave - both physically and mentally."

Abby E.

"I was in a car accident. My left side was affected, neck, shoulder, and lower back. I constantly felt that I had limited movement throughout my neck and back. I felt very comfortable receiving treatment and knew that they (Wellspring) provided outstanding care!! Thank you for my treatment, being educational, comforting and energizing!"

Carolyn V.

"Thank you! The staff at Wellspring Health Center is fantastic! It was necessary to resolve the sharp neck pain that was limiting my daily activities. It was an added bonus to relieve the ongoing pain that I just assumed was part of my life."

Kelly C.

"I started physical therapy because of lower back, neck and shoulder pain. I sit at a desk all day for work and by the afternoon, it was very uncomfortable to stay seated. By the time I got home from work I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Since working with the staff at Wellspring Health Center, I can now sit through an entire day of work, make dinner at home and still have enough energy to play with my six year old and the rest of my family. I can sit at my scrapbook table and craft as long as I want to. I can take the puppy for a walk and come home and still do housework."

Erin K.

"I decided to come to Wellspring because I had been in a few car accidents in my childhood which caused my neck and lower back to be tense all the time. I wasn't able to workout, go to school all day, and do normal activities without pain. After treatment at Wellspring I have more ROM in my neck and can see by blindsides while driving. I can also lift the kids that I nanny for without any pain! My time here has truly been a life-changing experience for me. Everyone here is so welcoming and cares about your progress. I would recommend Wellspring to anyone that is having issues. This is an amazing clinic that I have enjoyed coming to."

April F.

"I had acute right hip pain that made it difficult to walk. I also had chronic neck pain from an old whiplash injury. I relied on drugs to be comfortable. I was very miserable and hopeless. With the help from the professional and skilled staff at Wellspring, I was able to get my strength back! I'm so grateful! Sticking with the plan proved worthy when I saw my before and after posture photos. I would recommend Wellspring to anyone!"

Cheri P.

"My neck, shoulders and elbows hurt every day, which made me just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. It was such a joy to work with everyone at Wellspring Health Center. I was always happy to come to my appointments knowing that everyone worked so hard with me and truly cared about my progress. I would absolutely recommend anyone with pain to come here."

Jason P.

"I came to Wellspring Health Center because certain movements were causing shooting pain in my right back, knee, hip, shoulder, neck and causing headaches. In an attempt to avoid the pains, I stopped exercising and spent a lot of time laying on the couch. After treatment at Wellspring, I feel more ready to pursue hobbies I was forgetting about like my favorite, mountain biking, and playing with my daughter is so much easier. My appointments at Wellspring were often the high point of my day. Everyone was very friendly and I left feeling both invigorated and relaxed."

Diana N.

"I came to Wellspring Health Center with low back pain and neck pain. I was constantly sore at work and would get frequent headaches. After my care I noticed a change, especially in exercise, I noticed my core working as the central muscle, which I contribute to my pain going away. It makes working out and activities so much easier and beneficial."

Tracy H.

"I began treatment at Wellspring due to chronic upper back and neck pain. It limited my daily activities especially picking up my daughter and my sleep quality. After talking to my doctor many times about my back pain with no results, I'm happy I finally found somewhere that worked!"

Miriam M.

"Before coming to Wellspring Health Center, I assumed I would have to live with the pain in my body (neck, shoulders and severe headaches and migraines). However, the first thing I was told when I came here was that I don't have to live with pain. Wellspring gave me hope and I can now say that I feel amazing! The staff is amazing, you make everyone feel special!"

Michael C.

"I injured my neck while squatting and started having shooting pain into my head whenever I lifted weights. I was really upset. It turned out I also had terrible posture too. Wellspring Health Center has the best team of healthcare professionals. I have ever worked with and some of the kindest, nicest, most patient people I've had the pleasure of knowing. Thank You!"

Neck Pain Hindering Your Daily Life? Find Relief with Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Relieves Neck Pain Naturally!

Neck pain can result in severe and incredibly uncomfortable sensations, especially if the pain extends from your neck to your shoulders and arms.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) estimates that about one-third of the population will experience neck pain during any given year. If left untreated, it can become more severe, potentially leading to surgical intervention.

Your neck is an integral part of everyday functions, and sharp pain can impede your ability to function well in your daily life.

Whether your neck pain prevents you from sitting upright comfortably at your job or lowering your head to tie your shoes, physical therapy can help you return to normal, pain-free function.

Fortunately, many people are able to achieve drug-free relief from their neck pain every year through physical therapy treatments. Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapy office is devoted to providing you with the pain relief you need.

How can physical therapy relieve my neck pain?

Did you know that physical therapy is an effective approach to relieving neck pain? At Wellspring Health Center, our physical therapists employ a holistic approach, identifying the root causes of your discomfort by utilizing a variety of examination and treatment techniques. This can include analyzing the range of motion in your neck and identifying any imbalances in related muscles, soft tissues and posture.

We then work with our in-house sports medicine provider to specify any recommended diagnostic tests and create an individualized treatment plan that fits your needs. We will work with you to establish your immediate and long-term goals and expectations for your treatment plan, with the primary focus on eliminating the root causes of your pain.

Holistic physical therapy approaches for neck pain may include myofascial release, joint mobilization, active release technique (ART). In addition, we may add high-tech treatments such as cold laser therapy, percussion therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation to relieve muscle tension and help you regain joint flexibility.

Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapists have extensive training and knowledge in Pilates Matwork Therapy, a technique that strengthens your posture and areas of the body that support the neck and back. This innovative form of exercise helps with the recovery of an injury but goes beyond that—Pilates Matwork Therapy also helps improve overall strength and movement to prevent re-injury in the future.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Neck pain typically runs from the base of a person’s skull to the top of their shoulder blades, and can be felt on one or both sides. There are several reasons why neck pain may occur.

The pain level might range from a continual dull ache to acute and stabbing pains. Other symptoms can occasionally accompany neck pain, including but not limited to:

  • Loss of sleep due to pain and discomfort.
  • Numbness or tingling in the upper extremities.
  • Headaches.
  • Arm weakness.
  • Inability to fully stand up or sit up straight.
  • Stiffness and muscle tightness in the upper body.
  • Discomfort and pain when remaining in the same position for too long.

What’s causing my neck pain?

Neck pain is usually caused by an injury or overuse of the neck’s tissues or bone structures; however, some degenerative conditions can also cause neck pain. Some common conditions that give you pain in your neck include:

Tech Neck

To keep your head up when working on a computer or staring down at your phone, the muscles at the back of your neck must tighten. The more you look down, the harder your muscles must work to hold your head upright. Looking down at our smartphones, laptops, or tablets all day can cause these muscles to get too weary and sore. This is referred to as a “tech neck.”

What are the symptoms of tech neck?

Common symptoms include headaches, stiff necks, neck spasms, and discomfort between the shoulder blades. Some individuals claim it’s difficult to look up after looking down for an extended period. In severe cases, a pinched nerve in your neck may cause numbness, tingling, or weakness that extends to your arms.

How can tech neck cause more serious problems?

Initially, your muscles must work hard to keep your head erect. However, the muscles contract, putting more significant pressure on the discs. As a result, the discs wear out faster, and as they wear out faster, they might bulge or rupture. If the ruptured disc pinches a nerve, you may experience pain, weakness, or numbness in your arm, which may necessitate surgical intervention. Many individuals have avoided surgery by first pursuing physical therapy for tech neck discomfort.


Certain diseases and ailments can result in neck pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, or cancer.

Nerve compression

The nerves that branch out from your spinal cord can become squeezed if you have a herniated disc in your neck or a constriction of the foramen (space where nerves exit the spine). In certain circumstances, nerve pain can extend from the neck to the hands and fingers, a condition known as “radiculopathy.”

Joint degeneration

The neck joints, like any other joint in your body, can deteriorate with age, creating discomfort. Osteoarthritis, for example, can diminish the cartilage between the vertebrae in the neck, leading to neck pain.


Whiplash is one of the most prevalent causes of neck pain, and it is usually caused by a car accident or a high-impact sports incident. This is referred to as a “strain” injury because the head whips back and forth fast, impacting the soft tissues at the back of the neck.

Muscle strains

Overuse can strain the muscles in your neck. Even something as basic as sitting at your desk all day with your neck craned toward the computer screen can lead to tension in your neck muscles.

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