Patellofemoral Syndrome Eden Prairie, MN

Patellofemoral Syndrome

The primary symptom of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is pain in the front side of the knee under the knee cap. Squatting, sitting for extended periods of time, climbing and descending stairs, jogging, and leaping all contribute to the pain. As a result, the patient may not be able to perform at the highest level in their work, or daily activities.

The repeated bending motions required by sports such as running and cycling are thought to be the primary cause of PFPS, which affects both athletes and non-athletes. To learn more about PFPS and what you can do if you believe you have it, get in touch with Wellspring Health Center in Eden Prairie, MN.

How can I tell if I have PFPS?

Patellofemoral pain usually develops gradually, increasing in intensity over time. Often the most challenging aspect of such an injury is the ambiguous nature of the damage, as the dysfunction occurs from recurrent microtrauma generated by the same movement patterns, even when you’re not feeling any pain.

The root cause of PFPS is poor hip and foot control above and below the knee. This instability creates constant microtrauma and discomfort in the knee upon movement. PFPS is often associated with several other conditions. Increased repetition of this poor control will lead to cumulative trauma to the patellofemoral joint surfaces, causing PFPS to develop.

PT treatments for PFPS

Studies on patellofemoral pain have shown that it may be treated safely and effectively with physical therapy. If you’re suffering from patellofemoral pain, you may want to consider a study released in 2017 by the National Institutes of Health titled “Effectiveness of Manual Therapy Combined with Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Systematic Review.”

Results from the comprehensive review show that manual and physical therapy treatments effectively relieve pain and improve function, particularly when administered to the whole kinetic chain (from hip to knee to foot). A physical therapist’s clinic is the best place to get PFPS pain treatment since the issue is connected to improper movement.

Find relief for PFPS today

Our experienced physical therapists in Eden Prairie, MN have the most innovative and effective therapy techniques to help you heal from patellofemoral pain. Make an appointment at Wellspring Health Center in Eden Prairie, MN, and we’ll get you started on the best possible treatment plan for your condition.