3 Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

May2nd 2022

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Cold laser therapy can be a safe and effective solution to help you find relief. This non-invasive therapy uses painless laser light to help heal sore or injured joints and muscles. This therapy is commonly used to treat back and joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, burns, muscle strains and frozen shoulder. Here are three benefits you can receive from cold laser therapy.

Accelerates Healing

Cold lasers with a wavelength of 635 nm have been shown to be the best wavelength for improving cellular metabolism, and therefore, improving the healing ability of the cells. One of the key processes that is enhanced is the production of ATP (energy) in the mitochondria of the cell. When ATP is increased so is the cells’ ability to heal and recover from pain or injury.

Alleviates Pain Without Side Effects

When you suffer from chronic pain, finding relief can be challenging. This can prevent you from being physically active, which can lead to a multitude of health problems. Prescription pain relievers can briefly mask the pain but become addictive and cause harmful side effects. There are over 2,000 published research studies on cold laser therapy with no reported side effects.

Decreases Swelling and Inflammation

Swelling and inflammation are the body’s natural responses to injuries. These symptoms can increase pain levels and affect your range of motion. Cold laser therapy decreases swelling and inflammation so you can live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Treat Your Chronic Pain with Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy can be incredibly beneficial in treating chronic pain from a multitude of health conditions. A consultation with a holistic physical therapist can help you discover if you are an ideal candidate for this non-invasive treatment. Wellspring Health Center specializes in a comprehensive range of physical therapy treatments to help you feel better faster. Treatment plans are tailored to meet your specific health needs and goals. Schedule a free consultation appointment today.

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