Pilates Matwork Therapy

While Pilates may seem to be a modern form of exercise, did you know it originated in the early 20th century? During World War I, Joseph Pilates developed this style of exercise to assist in rehabilitating injured soldiers. Pilates has been utilized for a wide variety of physical activity, treatment, and strength training programs since that time. Contact Wellspring Health Center to learn more about how Pilates Matwork Therapy can enhance your physical therapy treatment plan!

How does Pilates fit with Physical Therapy?

For quite some time now, Pilates for rehabilitation has been an increasing trend in physical therapy. This specialized kind of exercise assists in not only the rehabilitation of chronic pain or bodily injury but also the improvement of overall strength and mobility. 

Pilates may also be utilized for purposes other than injury rehabilitation. It has been used as a method of stress management and aids in strengthening joints and muscles, muscle performance, motor control, and postural alignment. By concentrating on the body’s core, Pilates can increase your center of balance and promote even musculature.

This treatment is excellent for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, which is the primary reason we integrate it into our treatment plans at Wellspring Health Center. A few of the most commonly treated conditions include:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Balance issues
  • Neck Pain
  • Extremity Pain Conditions
  • Chronic Pain
  • Poor Posture

At Wellspring Health Center, we strive to help you achieve your maximum physical potential, regardless of your condition.

How do I get started?

Wellspring Health Center provides Pilates therapy services in Eden Prairie, MN. Learn how Pilates Matwork Therapy can benefit you, and get in touch to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced physical therapists today. 

Why We Utilize Pilates Matwork Therapy

At Wellspring Health Center, we use therapeutic Pilates Matwork Therapy to provide a comprehensive approach to strength and flexibility training. Unlike traditional physical therapy, which focuses only on strengthening the area of pain, our holistic approach promotes healthy, coordinated mobility throughout the body, alleviating pain and promoting long-term healing.

Pilates Matwork Rehabilitative Exercises are meant to stretch and strengthen the core muscles in the back and abdomen. A healthy back requires strong, flexible core muscles. Our physical therapists have received advanced training in Pilates Matwork Rehabilitative Exercises, some of the most rigorous and effective exercises for back pain rehabilitation.

Originally, Pilates mat exercises were founded on six principles: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breathing and Flowing Movement. Physical therapists apply these principles to help patients retrain and strengthen the spine and extremities, and Pilates mat exercises are ideal for rehabilitating the neck, back and extremities. 

It wasn’t until after he developed his mat work that Joseph Pilates created the specialized equipment we associate with modern variations. Pilates is founded in mat work; as some say, “the mat is the method.” It includes a number of exercises of various complexity and progression. 

In order to offer the safest and most successful rehabilitation treatment accessible in the Twin Cities metro region, Wellspring physical therapists attend continuing education courses in advanced therapeutic Pilates Matwork Rehab Therapy.

Most insurance carriers cover our physical therapy treatments, including Pilates Matwork Therapy, as part of your plan benefits. For more information, call or text us at (952) 933-1150. 

About Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 near the German city of Dusseldorf. He invented the Pilates Method, which was initially called “Contrology.” He was asthmatic, had rickets, and suffered from rheumatic fever. However, he overcame his physical restrictions by establishing his own training and bodybuilding regimen. Joe moved to the United States in 1926 and, during his voyage, met Clara, a nurse whom he later married. They collaborated to build a fitness studio in New York City, which shares a location with the New York City Ballet.

Surprisingly to many, Pilates was initially created as a men’s training program; yet, given its proximity to the Ballet facility, many people associated Pilates with women and ballet. Nonetheless, by the early 1960s, Joe and Clara’s method of exercise, which they coined “Pilates,” had gained widespread popularity. Joe died in 1967, but his innovative method of Pilates is still being practiced globally.

Pilates is unique in the world of fitness since it mixes stretching and strengthening exercises to lengthen the muscles and increase the “long, slim” appearance. Due to the focus on breath, posture, and core strength, it is a good match for holistic physical therapy rehabilitation. Pilates exercises the whole body by incorporating several muscle groups into smooth, safe, linear movement patterns.

We offer a Complimentary Pilates Matwork Therapy Consultation in person or by phone. Contact us at our Eden Prairie, MN clinic.