Therapeutic Exercise Eden Prairie, MN

Therapeutic Exercise

Norma W.

"The Physical Therapists have moved me through exercises I'd never thought I could do - building strength layer by layer. The most extraordinary change though has been through (myofascial release) and the release of VERY tight pressure points. Now I have less pain and discomfort and can move so much better."

Kristin C.

"I really like the way the treatment is set up with the different stations. The holistic approach is also beneficial. Exercises are taught using proper techniques and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure quality care."

Get Moving with Therapeutic Exercise

Did You Know Therapeutic Exercise Could Help Alleviate Pain?

Therapeutic exercise is a safe and simple way for people of any age to manage pain. Unlike traditional physical therapists, our Eden Prairie, MN, physical therapists use a comprehensive, integrated method to address the root of your pain and improve strength and function.

Therapeutic exercise can be a great way to restore function and live pain-free. Many people assume that anyone participating in physical therapy is undergoing postoperative rehabilitation. However, this isn’t always the case. Physical therapy provides many health advantages for anyone seeking to recover from pain, regain their strength, flexibility, or stability. Physical therapy is a viable pain management option for any condition, injury, or ailment you may be suffering from.

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Discover the benefits of therapeutic exercise

Traditional workout programs are geared towards improving health so you feel better than before. Therapeutic exercise works in much the same way, but implements targeted movements specifically designed to alleviate pain and improve overall physical wellbeing. 

Therapeutic exercise can also be used to prevent additional injuries when facing certain physical risks. There is a wide variety of therapeutic exercises, and each one has a unique purpose. These include:

Range of Motion Exercises

These exercises help increase the range of motion in your joints and soft tissues. The methods may include active, passive, or assisted stretching exercises that will help you improve mobility without causing pain.

Posture Exercises

Hours spent at desks, bending over keyboards, poor muscle tone, or simply poor posture habits can all lead to pain or injury. You may not realize that posture directly impacts muscle strength, balance, and risk of injury. Pilates matwork exercises aim to correct poor posture and alleviate aches and pains, not just when you exercise but also in your daily life activities.

Spending too many hours with poor posture habits can place undue stress on your body, causing it to become injured or strained. Therapeutic exercise is something you can do both to avoid injuries and improve posture in your everyday activities.

Relaxation Exercises

Is relaxation part of therapeutic exercise? You bet! Joints and soft tissues in the body must be exercised, but it is also important to help them relax. Various pain-relieving techniques, such as heat, cold, electrical stimulation, or trigger point therapy, can all help the body relax, improve your sleep quality, reduce your blood pressure, and keep you going back for more exercise!

Area-Specific Exercises To Increase Blood Flow

Exercise is often thought of as an activity we do with our muscles, but exercise plays a crucial role in improving our blood circulation and decreasing stress on the body. Area-specific exercises can help to strengthen the respiratory system and positively impact blood circulation in the body.

Balance & Coordination Exercises

Each time you stand or sit, bones and muscles work in conjunction to help you remain upright. Every time you stand, walk, sit, brush your teeth, cook a meal, or take care of your daily activities, you test your coordination between your body’s muscular and skeletal systems. 

Your capacity to care for yourself or your loved ones depends on balancing and coordinating your arms, legs, hands, and feet. That is why balance and coordination exercises are important, particularly after injury or illness. If you lose your balance or cannot maintain your coordination, you lose your capacity to care for yourself.

Muscle Performance Exercises

Improving physical power, endurance, and musculoskeletal system health is crucial to balance, bone and joint health. Resistance and endurance workouts can help increase muscle strength without injury.

Finding pain relief with therapeutic exercise

It’s widely believed that you need to rest when you have pain, but this action can result in muscle deterioration during recovery, which will affect your strength in the long run.

Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapists are movement specialists who can relieve pain and restore your physical health by increasing the strength, range of movement, and overall functionality of your body. Our therapists will create a personalized treatment plan for your needs by including targeted therapeutic exercises to help you recover from pain, strengthen the weak areas of your body, promote healing, and reestablish normal function.

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