Lyme Disease Alert In Eden Prairie

Mar1st 2017

Spring and Summer allow us to enjoy more time outdoors. The practitioners at Wellspring Health Center want you to be aware of the dangers of tick bites, which can result in a debilitating and mysterious illness known as Lyme disease. The incidence of Lyme Disease is increasing in the upper midwest.

It is important to check for ticks immediately after being outdoors, before they have the chance to attach to the skin.

Pets should also be checked, even if they are on tick protectant, as they are a source for bringing ticks into the home.

If you find a tick attached, remove it gently with a tweezers, and keep it in a sealed container with a wet cotton ball, so it can be identified at the doctor’s office. Wipe the bite with an antiseptic. Take a photo of any rashes that occur after a tick bite. Early treatment with antibiotics is important for preventing Lyme Disease after a tick bite. See your family physician for proper treatment as soon as possible.