Huizenga Family

Nov16th 2020

They are thorough in listening to my concerns and addressing my needs. I have been dealing with pain for the past 3 years in my SI joint. I have two rounds of prolozone injections and have had a significant reduction in my level of pain. I have to drive 3 1/2 hours to get here and it is well worth it.

Dave O.

Nov12th 2020

Every couple months or so my lower back would go out, I would be in so much pain that I just laid on the floor for three days or so doing nothing. It would slowly get better with use of some medication ... until the next time it would go out, just a couple of months later. It has been one year since I have finished my treatment at Wellspring, and I wanted to let everyone know that my back hasn't gone out since! Every time it starts hurting, I apply the techniques that therapists taught me and my pain goes away! I wish I would have come to Wellspring to stop the pain cycle long before I did!

Clif E.

Nov12th 2020

Five years ago I had a spinal fusion and in April of this year my back really began to hurt. I did not want to just follow down the path of having spinal epidurals which only eased the pain for a day or two. Since I have been a patient there, the changes have been dramatic. I am, for the most part, pain-free. Now, however, I can apply what I've learned at Wellspring Health Center to get back to better faster.