Category: poor posture

Candice C.

Nov12th 2020

I came to Wellspring because of prior car accidents and horrible posture. Physically I was in pain every day. From standing to lifting and even laying down would put me in pain. I would get crabby and irritated that I was constantly sore and unhappy. Since treatment at Wellspring, I have less pain and tension in my body. There was always a warm, inviting atmosphere whenever I went there. I loved everything about my treatment there.

Linda C.

Nov12th 2020

I'm truly amazed by how proper posture contributes to poise, which helps with every human encounter - being a patient at Wellspring has truly been a life-changing experience. Besides the range of treatments, what sets Wellspring Health Center apart is the staff - what amazing, talented people! They all work together to help you reach your goals and I appreciate their commitment to my body's care. Thank you!

Nicole R.

Nov12th 2020

"Wellspring Health Center helped me improve my overall health and posture. I had a sports injury, making it extremely difficult to walk and perform day-to-day activities. I am now more aware of how to prevent tension and improve posture through stretching and exercise. I noticed 100% improvement in my health and mobility from my first consultation.