Category: Hip/Knee

Dave C.

Nov12th 2020

I was frustrated with my left knee and right hamstring pain. With any activity, these spots would give me pain such that I had to stop almost immediately and the after-effects would continue for days. After treatment at Wellspring Health Center, I can workout, walk, and run with much less pain. Everyone at Wellspring is exceptionally warm, friendly, and caring. I received relief that I didn't expect could happen.

Renae L.

Nov12th 2020

I was more irritable with the limitations I had with my hip in doing formerly enjoyed activities and I was having difficulties sleeping. With the care from the staff at Wellspring Health Center, I can walk more comfortably and can continue to bike, swim, and lift weights. Everyone here is very helpful and sincerely cares. Wellspring is an excellent place with professional and highly skilled staff. Wellspring gives a person hope! Thank you!

Phil F.

Nov12th 2020

I limped noticeably, with pain in my left knee and lower leg. I went about my teaching/coaching duties with pain. I had terrible range of motion in my left leg. Now, I walk, ride an exercise bike and bicycle, even jog with significantly less pain. From the second I walk into Wellspring Health Center, I am treated like family! Everyone is very professional, answering questions and informing me of the "why" of each treatment. I love the variety that your clinic offers for recovery.