Category: Chronic Pain

Candice C.

Nov12th 2020

I came to Wellspring because of prior car accidents and horrible posture. Physically I was in pain every day. From standing to lifting and even laying down would put me in pain. I would get crabby and irritated that I was constantly sore and unhappy. Since treatment at Wellspring, I have less pain and tension in my body. There was always a warm, inviting atmosphere whenever I went there. I loved everything about my treatment there.

Jean S.

Nov12th 2020

I started out by driving someone else to Wellspring Health Center and watched the progress of patients that I saw there. Because it was alternative pain management, I decided to try Wellspring and I loved it. My goal was to get off of pain meds and I did it! I love the staff and the awareness and care they have for the individual. We all weren't treated the same as we all had different issues. The staff was professional and compassionate.

Sara C.

Nov12th 2020

I had been going to physical therapists for 20 years with no lasting results. I wasn't able to play tennis or golf and had to limit some social activities. Wellspring Health Center was my last hope. After treatment here, I can be active at home with housework, walk long distances and be more active socially. I have less pain and tension in my body, I can sleep better at night and have more energy. I think the staff here is excellent, friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. I will definitely tell my friends to come here.