Relief from Chronic Joint Pain with Physical Therapy in Eden Prairie, MN

Chronic joint pain has numerous potential origins and is therefore extremely prevalent for many. Joint pain can have a variety of causes, including arthritis, injury, or infection. Common symptoms can include increased size, color, temperature, and pain. Joint discomfort is often accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms that can make it challenging to go about one’s routine.

Treatment for joint pain is often reactive, involving potentially harmful prescription medications or surgery. However, physical therapy can be a highly effective method of treating the root causes of your joint pain to find long-lasting relief.

The Positive Effects of Physical Therapy on Joint Pain

Physical therapy is frequently one of the most helpful options when treating a variety of conditions. When treating joint pain, one of the primary goals of physical therapy is to alleviate the pain. A physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals of increased mobility, decreased pain, and reduced joint inflammation.

You should see a physical therapist if you have joint pain. You can find effective physical therapy services that take a more holistic approach and can help you feel better physically and mentally at the Wellspring Health Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Your physical therapist will recommend a combination of manual manipulation, exercise, stretching, and various other modalities. This serves to target the root causes of your pain for long-term relief.

Physical Therapy at Wellspring Health Center Can Help

If you’re struggling with the limitations caused by chronic joint pain, physical therapy is worth a try. You can begin your journey toward pain relief and a return to everyday life with a free consultation at Wellspring Health Center. In other words, go for it! Get in touch with our staff of licensed physical therapists and medical practitioners right away to set up a free initial consultation.