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What is a sound bath or sound healing?

A sound bath or sound healing is an ancient therapeutic practice that uses various aspects of sound, such as vibrations, frequencies, and rhythms, to promote relaxation and well-being in the body, mind, and spirit. This practice is based on the idea that sound can have a profound impact on our mental and physical states.

Who is sound healing for?

Sound healing can be for anyone interested in exploring healthy ways to relax, reduce stress, and improve their well-being.


Here are some groups of people who might consider exploring sound healing:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Sufferers: Sound healing is often used as a relaxation technique, making it beneficial for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, and related conditions. The soothing sounds and vibrations can help induce a sense of calm.

  2. Insomnia or Sleep Issues: People experiencing difficulties with sleep may find sound healing techniques helpful for promoting relaxation before bedtime. Calming sounds or specific frequencies can be used to improve sleep quality.

  3. Meditators and Mindfulness Practitioners: Sound healing can enhance meditation and mindfulness practices by providing a focal point for concentration. Instruments like singing bowls or gongs are commonly used to create a meditative atmosphere.

  4. Individuals Seeking Emotional Release: Sound healing is sometimes used as a tool for emotional expression and release. The vibrations and frequencies are believed to help release stored emotions and promote emotional balance.

  5. Those Managing Chronic Pain: Some individuals with chronic pain conditions explore sound healing as a complementary approach to managing discomfort. Vibrational frequencies produced by certain instruments may relax the body, reduce stress and create a calming state that is beneficial for healing.

  6. Spiritual Seekers: People on a spiritual journey may be drawn to sound healing for its historical and cultural connections to spiritual practices. Certain sound healing techniques, such as chakra balancing, are integrated into various spiritual traditions.

  7. Music Enthusiasts: Those who have a love for music and its therapeutic qualities may find sound healing appealing. It offers a unique way to engage with music for the purpose of promoting health and relaxation.

  8. Students and Professionals: Individuals facing challenges related to focus, concentration, and productivity may explore sound healing as a way to create a conducive environment for work or study. Binaural beats, for example, are believed to influence brainwave patterns associated with cognitive states.

  9. Wellness Enthusiasts: People interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness may incorporate sound healing into their overall well-being routines. It offers a non-invasive and enjoyable way to promote relaxation and balance.

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We also partner with corporations, small businesses, yoga and fitness studios, schools, churches, breweries and more! We are always open to out-of-the box ideas for places to offer sound baths!


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About Kristen Wertenberger

Hey there! I’m Kristen Wertenberger, and I’ve been surrounded by music and nature my whole life. Let me take you on a little journey through my world of music and therapeutic sound.

Growing Up Musical

I come from a musical family where everyone loved to sing or play an instrument. We were a musical family that performed at churches and local events. This deep love for music led me to spend nearly a decade in the music industry, recording songs and performing on big stages in Los Angeles, California. But I felt a need to take better care of myself, both my mind and body, which led me on a new adventure.

Switching to Wellness

My wellness path began with massage therapy. I completed my massage training in Chicago and then moved to Minneapolis, where I worked in an integrative clinic, providing massage therapy for chronic pain and injuries. It was rewarding to see someone feel better because of the work we did together.

A Deep Dive into Energy and Sound

Then, I became curious about merging my musical talents with my passion for creating physical and mental well-being. I started studying energy, physics, and the science of frequencies in sound. Through the research of physicist Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Science Academy, I learned about the fundamentals of energy. Then, I continued my studies in biofield tuning and how using your voice in special ways can help the body feel good.

Math, Music, and Nature’s Patterns

I also studied Synergetics through the Buckminster Fuller Institute, where I learned about shapes and patterns in nature. This helps me use specific musical notes that match how nature works because, believe it or not, math and music are like two peas in a pod—they both follow beautiful patterns that can make us feel good inside.

Join the Sound Bath Experience!

And here’s the cool part: you can join me every Wednesday from 7 – 8 pm for a variety of curated sound bath experiences at Wellspring Health Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and various places around the Twin Cities. It’s a time to relax, let the music transform you, and feel good.

It’s incredible what listening to healing sounds can do for your mind and spirit.

So, from my musical family to working as a professional musician and massage therapist, and now to helping people relax and rejuvenate through sound baths, it’s been a wonderful journey. I hope you’ll come and experience the magic of a sound bath soon!