Massage Therapy Eden Prairie, MN

Massage Therapy

What is massage therapy? 

Massage therapy is commonly used by our massage therapists in Eden Prairie, MN to help those with chronic pain or injuries. It helps in loosening up any tight areas and making recovery quicker and easier. Call or text us at (952) 933-1150 today to figure out if massage therapy can help you!

Why 30-Minute Massage?

In Eden Prairie, MN, massage therapy at Wellspring Health Center focuses on healing back and body pain through an integrative holistic approach. Our massage sessions are a full 30-minutes and focus on healing a specific area of pain or injury in the body. You can book just a massage session or integrate a 30-minute session with your physical therapy treatment.

Massage Rates

  • Deep Tissue + Hot Stones
    30 Minutes | $50 + tax
    3 Pack | $120 + tax ($30 Savings)
  • Deep Tissue + CBD Oil* + Hot Stones
    30 Minutes | $60 + tax
    3 Pack | $150 + tax ($30 Savings)
  • New Client Special
    $10 off your 1st 30-minute session

*Cannabidiol (CBD) from agricultural hemp is known for the support it provides in reducing pain and inflammation. (Organic, Full Spectrum CBD, CO2 Extracted, Non-psychoactive, Non-addictive). CBD Infused Massage is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

How massage therapy will improve your life

Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial for people of all ages. Our Eden Prairie, MN physical therapist may recommend specific types of massage to complement your physical therapy treatments, including:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage aims to treat chronic pain and limited range of motion, improve posture, balance, and movement and heal injured or over-used muscles through deeper touch and manipulating the tissues. Deep Tissue Massage is provided by our certified massage therapists using your preferred pressure, so you have control over your massage’s depth and comfort.

CBD Massage

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil from agricultural hemp reduces pain and inflammation and calms the fight or flight stress response. The organic hemp-based products used at Wellspring have less than 0.3% THC, so there are no “high” or psychoactive effects. For athletes, CBD massage also has a reputation for accelerating the healing of injured connective tissue.

Hot Stone Massage

When coupled with massage, hot stones help melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism. Hot stone massage also expands blood vessels, which encourages blood flow and reduces muscle tension allowing for a more comfortable deep tissue massage.

Medical Massage

Medical massage for injuries sustained in an auto accident may be covered at 100% by auto insurance and is billable at the usual and customary insurance rates. Bring your claim number and contact information for verification and we will bill your insurance directly. Contact us for details.

Massage Discounts

Our physical therapy clients are eligible for discounted massage rates when booked with a physical therapy visit. Contact us for details.

Your soft tissues and you:

Your muscles are made up of many small, thin fibers that contract on command, working together to mobilize your muscle groups. These muscles are attached to your bones by connective tissues, called tendons, enabling them to move your body parts. Your bones are then connected by tough bands of connective tissue, called ligaments, for added stability. Your ligaments are covered by yet another connective tissue called fascia. All of these connective tissues can be referred to as “soft tissues.”

Soft tissues help to mobilize your joints and give your body the strength it needs to perform tasks. Your soft tissues provide you with the ability to do many things; however, they also limit you from pushing yourself too far – even if that’s your intention. These can be damaged by certain stresses, especially those caused by the repeated actions within an athletic activity. Massage therapy can help to loosen up your muscles, and may even prevent future injuries from occurring.

Massage therapy promotes tissue healing, so you can get back to living your life as quickly as possible. By working to mobilize, loosen, and relax your muscles, you can help them stay limber. Massage will decrease your risk of future strains, sprains, and ruptures.

Your soft tissues work hard to make sure your body is functioning correctly, so it is essential to help optimize their health and function. If you live near Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Edina, or Chanhassen, MN, and are looking for a massage therapist that specializes in back and body pain, call or text us at (952) 933-1150 to schedule your 30-minute session.

For more information, contact us at Eden Prairie, MN center.