independent medical exam Eden Prairie, MN

Independent Medical Exams

What is an IME?

An IME is an exam in Eden Prairie scheduled with a physician hired by your auto insurance not for the purpose of treatment but for the purpose of getting a report that will terminate your treatment and payment of any future healthcare bills. It is also known as an “adverse exam” because it is adverse to the patients welfare in getting better from their injuries.

Am I required to attend the IME?

Most often yes. Under Minnesota No-Fault Laws your auto insurance company has the right to have you examined by a physician of their choice when you make a claim for health care payments. We recommend you discuss your rights with a personal injury attorney when an IME has been scheduled. Talk to our insurance staff for more information.

When will an IME be scheduled?

Usually within 3- 6 months from the date you start treatment for your injuries. It may be sooner if there is minimal damage to your vehicle or if there is poor cooperation between you and your claims adjuster.

Should I tell Wellspring Health Center when I am scheduled for an IME?

YES. Your insurance will only notify you and your attorney if you have one. It is important for our staff to know what the date of the IME is so we can discuss options with you for treatment after the IME and answer any questions you may have about the process.

What happens at the IME?

Usually the physician or staff will take a history and then the physician will do a brief exam checking for areas of pain, checking your range of motion or checking muscle strength. The physician will ask questions about what treatment you have received and if it is helping. Be honest and after the exam write down what was said and done as well as the amount of time the physician’s exam took. The physican will dictate a report and send it to your claims adjuster in 2- 3 weeks. The termination date of your benefits will be in this letter. It is rare for an IME report to recommend more treatment unless the accident was severe.

When will I know the results of the IME?

An IME report is sent to your claims adjuster typically 2-3 weeks after the IME is performed. The termination of auto insurance benefits is usually the date of the IME or the date the report is dictated by the physician. Either way the purpose of the IME is for your auto insurance to stop paying for your health care claims, rarely does the IME report state that you need more treatment.

How do I get more treatment after my auto benefits have been terminated?

If the IME report terminated any further treatment for your condition, you have a few options. You may need the assistance of a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and get your health care bills paid on future treatment. You may need to file claims with your health insurance and pay a deductible or co-insurance for any future treatment. Don’t let your auto insurance stop you from getting the treatment you need to fully recover from an auto accident.

Talk to our patient advocate for more information on your options and rights. Contact us today.