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May2nd 2022

3 Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Cold laser therapy can be a safe and effective solution to help you find relief. This non-invasive therapy uses painless laser light to help heal sore or injured joints and muscles. This therapy is commonly used to treat back and joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, burns, muscle strains and frozen shoulder. Here are three

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Relieve Your Joint Pain and Move with Ease through PT Treatments Oct20th 2021

Relieve Your Joint Pain and Move with Ease through PT Treatments

Discover How PT Can Help You Move Comfortably Once Again Chronic joint pain is typically associated with arthritis, although there are other physical conditions that may lead to joint deterioration and pain. Did you know that arthritis is the leading cause of disability across the United States? In fact, according to the Arthritis Foundation, approximately

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Joint Pain Feb5th 2021

Chronic Joint Pain? Find Relief with Physical Therapy

Did You Know An Estimated 54.4 Million U.S. Adults Are Diagnosed With Arthritis? 54.4 million adults living in the United States are diagnosed with arthritis – that equates to about 1 in 4 Americans. Of those, about 27% report experiencing severe joint pain. If you are one of these adults living day to day with

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