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Dec22nd 2017

How To Prevent Running Injuries Between Winter And Spring In Eden Prairie

As a runner, you’ll have witnessed the look of disbelief on people’s faces as you run through hail, snow, blizzards, and freezing temperatures. But if running in Eden Prairie is part of your daily routine, why should you stop when the seasons start to change? Winter is a great time to run because you’re not battling through

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Oct3rd 2017

Workplace Ergonomics In Eden Prairie

Just how important is workplace ergonomics? The answer to that is it’s VERY important in every field and work setting, but in today’s computer-dominated economy, office ergonomics largely focus around the computer workstation. That’s not to say that nurses and blue-collar heavy industry workers aren’t in need of ergonomic principles at work—in fact, they need

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Aug1st 2017

Preventing Neck Pain At Your Computer Desk In Eden Prairie

The modern workplace is an overwhelmingly digital one. Processes that used to involve activities like driving, walking, talking and manually completing tasks (doing much of anything) are now comfortably digitized—for many people, work activity involves no more than sitting at a computer desk for 8 hours a day. There are a few notable effects that

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