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Wellspring Health Center is an award winning facility, serving Eden Prairie and the local community.

Wellspring physical therapists are specialists in neck pain, lower back pain, and shoulder pain conditions. Our Eden Prairie clinic offers you the latest technology and rehab equipment in a friendly healing environment. Our skilled physical therapists strive to restore your active pain-free lifestyle without the side effects of medication, cortisone shots, or surgery. Our care is covered by most insurance plans and no referral is needed.


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Based on 177 reviews
Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer
Wellspring is the best! Even though I have a ton of health issues they have always been so patient, gentle, and kind to me. Always there to help me and support me. Seriously the best PT place. I have not been to a PT place like them! Thank you Wellspring!
Linda Troidl
Linda Troidl
I have been coming here for years! The staff is Super nice! Super Knowledgeable! And Very Caring! I wouldn't feel as good as I do, if it wasn't for them!
Rivkah Sheine
Rivkah Sheine
I have been going to Wellspring for over 4 years. Wellspring staff are always friendly and knowledgeable, they make sure that everything they do works for me. They are amazing at what they do! Best therapy ever! I started with Wellspring because of a chronic condition that makes my joints and body hurt. Because of the wonderful care I am doing much better and able to function at a much higher level and with less pain! Thank you!
T. D (Qte)
T. D (Qte)
I can't imagine getting PT care anywhere else, which is why I have returned to Wellspring Heath Center after a recent car accident. Although they've changed locations everything else remains the same. Calm, clean space, specialists full of knowledge and smiles for miles. And they always remeber your name 😉 I still highly recommend Wellspring to everyone no matter how small you ache is. Staying fluid is key! I highly recommend Wellspring Health Center! Highly professional and friendly staff who truly care and they ALL remember your name. Common sense practice that literally defeats any pain you're having. I walked in with low back pain, heel pain, bad posture and migraines, In the three months I have been going to Wellspring I have not had one migraine! My low back is so much stronger as well as my core and my poster is as is should be by nature :-) The grand prize for me is that I have been migraine free for three months and for that I am thankful that I found Wellspring Health Center. The location is very easy to find, just off of HWY 169. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing!
Karin Ederer
Karin Ederer
My experience at Wellspring has been extremely positive! During the initial consultation the staff give you vision on what to expect, an awareness of how they work and how they can help, and all within a physical therapy clinic environment that is welcoming, personal, clean and refreshing! The staff seem invested in giving you what you need not just for the day, but for wellness and change for the years ahead! The experience is holistic, science based (with state of the art technology) and unlike any other physical therapy clinic from my experience. I was hopeful they understand all levels of athleticism and they surely do! The staff collaborate with one another to give you ALL that the clinic has to offer! I highly recommend Wellspring for those wanting change!
Andy Van sloun
Andy Van sloun
I absolutely love everything about wellspring, such knowledgeable and kind employees.
dawn baker
dawn baker
I would be happy to give Wellspring Health Center more than five stars if that was an option. The friendly staff at Wellspring has supported me with expertise and compassion throughout a year of injuries during which I was also taking care of a beloved family member with cancer. My injuries are healing and I am feeling better both physically and emotionally thanks to the excellent therapy I have received at Wellspring. I always look forward to coming to Wellspring because I know it will be a restoring and uplifting experience. I am grateful to have found the right place at the right time. Many thanks to Wellspring for their ability and dedication to heal the whole patient!
A. Montanez
A. Montanez
I've been coming to Wellspring for a year now. While healing and reteaching your body can feel slow at times, out of the half-dozen other PT places I've tried, Wellspring is the only one that's brought tangible, lasting improvements to my body and the way it feels. This is not the place to come if you want a quick-fix for an injury or imbalance. Every session they both ask you how your body is feeling and they check with actual tools. They regularly gather data in multiple different ways so that you can actually track your progress over the weeks and months. Persistent back pain used to be a normal, everyday part of life for me. Now, back pain is a rarity instead of my normal!
Denise Reddy
Denise Reddy
They are all so amazing at Wellspring! All of the staff make you feel very welcomed and the environment is so peaceful! I would recommend Wellspring Health Center to anyone in need of therapy or for any general joint aches and pains.

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