Physical Therapy Via Telehealth

At Wellspring Health Center has been providing a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform for their patients throughout this pandemic, as well as physical therapy in-person at their new clinic location in Eden Prairie, MN. Telehealth has some limitations because many of the deeper treatments provided at Wellspring Health Center like myofascial release, joint mobilization, active release techniques (ART), cold laser therapy, trigger point injections, and prolozone injections can’t be done thru telehealth. But patients are still able to do their Pilates Matwork Therapy, range of motion, and stretching exercises with one-on-one instruction from a licensed therapist.

Primarily people with COVID-19 high-risk factors are choosing Telehealth physical therapy. It allows them to stay safe and still get relief and recovery thru PT treatment at home. It is covered by most health insurance plans and people can schedule directly without a doctor’s referral in most cases. Contact Wellspring for a Free Telehealth Consultation.

Benefits of Teletherapy
  • No transportation time or costs
  • No need to take time off of work
  • Eliminate child or elder care issues.
  • On-demand options
  • Access to Specialists
  • Less Chance of Catching a New Illness
  • Less Time in the Waiting Room
  • Better Health

I am Interested In TeleTherapy