Phone Addiction Treatment

Phone Addiction Treatment

Omega Recovery provides phone addiction treatment in a safe and comfortable environment that’s flexible to match your schedule. If you’re spending too much time texting or scrolling on social media on your phone instead of enjoying the company of people around you, there’s a chance you may have a tech addiction. Our staff can provide an assessment and consultation to help identify the severity of your condition and offer treatment to help you re-prioritize your life. Call our 24-hour helpline now to speak with someone who can answer your questions.

4 Signs That You Need Phone Addiction Treatment

1. Call it what you like- a computer addiction, tech addiction, internet addiction, screen addiction, or phone addiction all have one thing in common; loss of control over how you spend your free time. If you feel a sense of apprehension when you reach for your phone and find that’s it’s not exactly where you thought it was, you may need help for an addiction.

That feeling of anxiety can come when you leave your phone at home by mistake, when you forget to charge your phone, or when you’re in a social situation that requires you to turn off your phone for a short period of time. A phone addiction may require some professional assistance to get your life back on track.

2. Do you find it necessary to carry your phone in your hand instead of in your purse or pocket to ensure you don’t miss a call or text? An immediate response to a call or text message is not a requirement by society’s standards, and it shouldn’t be your standard, either. Forcing yourself to be ‘there’ for friends and family in the drop of a hat is unrealistic and can cause feelings of severe anxiety. Tech addiction treatment at Omega Recovery can give you time to de-stress and help you form healthy boundaries.

3. Have you experienced lost time or time lapses while being on your phone? One of the tell-tale signs that you need phone addiction treatment is looking up from your phone and seeing that hours have passed without your having realized how much time you were on your phone. If you’re making excuses at home or at work due to wasted time on your phone, it’s time to contact Omega Recovery for help.

4. If you’ve ever texted the person sitting right next to you instead of turning to them to express a thought, you probably have an addiction to your phone. Cellphone addiction treatment in Austin, TX can help you get things under control. Cyber life is not real, but the people around you are real and they have a lot to share with you if you’ll just turn off your phone give them your attention.

Get in touch with our staff at Omega Recovery to schedule an assessment with our tech addiction team. Just like any addiction, quitting is hard, but is rewarding, also. Find out how you can get help for a phone or tech addiction by calling our helpline at 512-559-7837.